Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


Do you think you have a book that fits the motto of Train of Thought Press “Moving Ideas Forward”?  If so, We would love to hear from you.  Here are the requirements:

It must be solution focused niche non-fiction.  What does that mean?  It means Train of Thought Press is devoted to helping people become unstuck in their lives and move forward.

For example, our books have helped men and women move past affairs, helped people find specific business solutions, and helped someone with the death of a parent-in-law.

All of our authors are experts in their respective fields. Your book can either be a “how to” or you telling your personal experience and hope that others will find inspiration in it.

All submissions will be acknowledged and reviewed by our Acquisitions Editor personally.

Note: We do NOT accept Fiction of any sort.

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Do you already have an outline and at least two chapters you could submit?

Ready to Publish nowHave a good first draft, but need helpHave a good idea in your head but need to talk to a professional writer who can do heavy assisting in the writing department.