Featured Author- Coach RL Williams

Featured Author- Coach RL Williams

Author and Coach Rebecca Williams

Author and Coach Rebecca Williams

Coach R. LaShun Williams

Rebecca LaShun Williams known as Coach R. LaShun Williams graduated in 1996 from Gustavus Adolphus College with a BA in Pre-Law / Psychology. She has over 20 years of experience as a Professional Consulting within the Human Resource field. Having a strong passion for coaching others towards success, she also obtained a Professional Coaching Certification and have been an Ambassador for the International Coaching Academy (ICA) and owned her own Coaching Practice, Your Life Destiny for over 20 years coaching individuals towards their success. She coaches companies and adults towards their success, yet she also spends a lot of her time coaching our youth.


Coach R. LaShun Williams is a well-known and highly respected as a basketball coach.  She has spent over 20 years coaching and training youth basketball. When asked to provide her six top reasons she coach, the list was:


  • A passion for children / youth
  • A passion for teaching youth life lessons through the tool of coaching
  • A passion for building youth self-esteem, confidence, pride, trust and standard for excellence
  • A passion for the development of our youth both on & off the court
  • A passion for building bridges (support) for the success of our youth
  • A passion for the game of basketball


As one of the youngest of her siblings, her passion for children started as early as 10 years old when she became an aunt. Being a responsible girl, her mother would send her two blocks to pick her niece up and bring her home to help babysit until her sister got home from work. Now, she have a total of 39 nieces and nephews, and have been blessed to have been involved with each of their lives with a close bond. Being able to be a part of their development has taught her much more than responsibility, it gave her patience for the youth that has been a treasure as a coach.


Her reason for coaching is to assist with the development of young people into successful and respectful people, with the focus on young ladies. Sports has been the most effective instrument she have found to teach life lessons. she have been successful with utilizing the tool of basketball for the past two decades to coach young ladies on the game of life while building self-esteem, confidence, pride, trust, commitment, relationships and a winning program. Athletics and coaching are great ways to build those things within young people.


As a certified life coach, coaching for her is about using the game to coach life lessons that will affect the lives of the youth long after they are finished playing basketball. There are no limits to the lessons you can provide to the youth utilizing the tool of basketball; being a leader & role model, hard work, striving for excellence, commitment, giving your best, teamwork, being coachable/taking direction, respect, responsibility, competition, being successful and so much more. As a coach, it is her job is to use the game to teach these lessons, and she emphasize character development through our season.


Coaching is also an excellent tool to influence the youth to strive for excellence both on and off the court. Youth work harder in the classroom and within the community to meet the standards of their coach. Athletes will seek assistance in areas in which they would usually be embarrassed to ask for help much faster to meet standards and requirements of the program.


Lastly, she coach because of the joy she get out of seeing a group of people come together for a common good. There is nothing better than helping to guide a group of people, watching them improve, and seeing them reach the peak of their potential. Building a bridge to inspire the youth of our community to desire excellent within their lives, and become a successful adult. When you can do that, it’s a great season!


She has a strong understanding of human behavior, knows what it takes to be a great coach, and is a coach that want to make a difference!

To learn more about her life coaching services please visit: www.YourLifeDestiny.com